List of Jaffor Ullah articles published in 2000 and 2001 by

1.  Sweet Shillong (part one)
2. Viewing Bangladesh's current problem through a chink
3. Greeting Pahela Baishakh in a transplanted land
4. The Big Blast in Ramna: Some Afterthoughts
5. Pahela Baishakh's Blast Harbingers a bad year!
6. The woes of Sindhis in modern-day Pakistan
7. Hartal callers should be sued to the fullest extent of law
8. Please value human life!
9. Would the hartal glaore in Bangladesh backfire?
10. The art of self-deprecation
11. Make Bangladesh 'Sonar Bangla' to fulfill Kazi Nazrul's unrealized dream
12. To call Nazrul an Islamist is trivialization of a great soul
13. Thoughts on this historic day
14. After the deluge!
15. Kazi Nazrul an Islamic poet?  No kidding!
16 Desecration of Bamian Buddha statue by Talibans
17. Pizza in Paradise?
18. Freethinking and analyzing
19. Netiquette in a public forum?
20. Of Old Sindh and Phoenix
21. Nation seized by hartals: When will the good sense prevail?
22. Lamenting the Desh Bibhag of 1947
23. Suddenly an epiphany--inthe aftermath of assaults by Islamists
24. Civil Society Movement in collision course with Islamists in Bangladesh
25. Islamic Rule Committee's staging of a violent hartal: What next?
26. A rare cosmic coincidence
27. The Curse of Hilla Marriage
28. Dancing to the tune of bin Laden!
29. Give a good riddance to Bangladesh's Pirs
30. Of beauty pageantry and fundamentalism: The two faces of Bangladesh
31. Fatwa, High Court verdict and recalcitrant Clerics
32. Seized by senseless hartals
33. A Monkey Machination!
34. A promise for a New Millennium
35. An Extra day - February 29, 2000